Home Watch

Professional Home Watch Service:  $40 per visit

Choose the frequency:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-Monthly

Choose the package:

  • 6 Visit Pack:   $240
  • 12 Visit Pack: $480
  • 24 Visit Pack: $960

Home Watch Visit Packages are billed in advance.  Prices are for up to 4 water zones in the residence.
For additional water zones, please add $10 per water zone/per visit.

Concierge Services

Vendor Key-In Service, Meet and Greet Guests or Renters:  $40

Concierge Services:  $40 per hour

Car Drive:  $35 per car/per drive – Gas and car wash additional

Boat Services:     Individually Quoted

Handyman Service and Cleaning:  Referrals to Qualified Service Providers

Emergency Visit: Less than 24-hour notice:

Business hours:  Monday – Friday:  8am – 5pm:  $75

After business hours:  $125

Holidays:  $150

Alarm Call Out Response:   Business hours:  Monday – Friday:  8am – 5pm:  $75

After business hours:  $125

Holidays:  $150

Storm/Hurricane Preparation:  Individually Quoted

                           Concierge and other services are billed, monthly, after services are rendered. All purchases, parts or materials are additional.